Monday, 9 November 2015

Petronas Questions

Description: My buddy gave me some questions about the book that me and a group of people are reading. Here are the questions and the answers that I gave.

List 3 responses that The nomads said to Baba when Baba said let’s live here?

- What?

- Would it be safe?

- Where would we live?

What is another way for Baba to find water by not using the water stick?

Answer: By smelling the water, if she had a really good sense of smell.

How would you feel if you were the leader?

Answer: I would feel nervous because you have to make sure everyone is safe. You have to make the right decisions and you might not get anywhere.

What questions would you ask in an interview with baba?


- What did it feel like being the leader?

-What would you do better next time you lead something?

-What did you feel like when you found the city?

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