Friday, 30 October 2015

Free Verse Poetry

Description: In writing I have written some free verse poetry. The subject we had to make our writing on was a memory that we have. I am writing about how a sea lion chased us on the beach. Here is my free verse poetry that I have written.

Sea Lion

Footprints engraved in the sand as I walk along the 

sandy beach. 

Screech, Screech, Screech

What was that?

I hear the same sound again

Screech, Screech, Screech

The sound echoes through my ears like someone talking in an empty room.

Turning around I see a huge blubbery sea lion, heaving it's muscles with it. 

As it powered along the beach.

I made a run for it.


I think I used most of the senses, taste, hear, feel, smell and see. But I could work on using more of them. I used some repetition and similes to make it more interesting. I could definitely work on using more language features, like alliteration and some of the senses.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Reading Follow Up

Petronas Questions

1) What do you know about deserts and the life of nomadic tribes? 

A: Nomads are people who travel round their country but do, not have a set home. 

They move place to place to find food for themselves, food for their livestock, or earn a living. They live in tents and portable shelters. They use to travel by travelling in a boat walking or riding animals. Now they travel by truck or car.

Bedouin's live in the deserts of the North Africa and Middle East. They use to herd goats and camels. But some of them now live in cities. Baba thought that living as a nomad was very hard because you have to hunt all the time. 

2) How did this help your understanding of the problems Baba and the nomads face in finding water to survive?

A: She was just made the leader because of her different coloured eyes and she was only twelve-years old. Your feet would get really sore because of the travelling across the desert everyday. Looking for water to survive. Because you need water for moisture in your body.

3) Why did the author not tell the reader what Baba saw?

A: To create suspense. To let the reader think about what it might be for themselves.

4) How does this use of alliteration help you visualise the grass?

A: It paints an image of the green wavy grass growing on the hot plain sand.

5) What other words that start with "L" could you add to the sentence to enhance the description?

A: Long, Lush Luxurious Grass.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Writers Notebook Task

Description: Our theme this week for reading is spooky stuff. So we had to create a page in our writers notebook about dark stuff. Here is the page that I created in my book.

Spooky Story (Creak)

Description: This week our theme was spooky stuff. We had to write a story that was spooky. We had to create suspense in our story. Here is my spooky story.



I am in bed on a dark, gloomy night. The window is wide open and the wind is whistling in my ears. 

Before bed I had filled up a cup of water. 

I went to grab my glass of water from the window sill. Instead there on the window sill is an empty glass that is smashed. 

Suddenly I become quiet. I here a gulping noise down below the window. I try to pull the window shut. But out shoots a hand. 


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Excuses to not Eat your Fruit & Vege's

Description: We had to make a page full of excuses, about why not to do something. My focus was on not eating your Fruit & Vege's. I made a page of excuses. Here is what it looks like and my ideas of some excuses.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Title: I really liked the sound of the title beacause it sounded like a secret spell. I wanted to find out more about what it meant and what might happen. The title really hooked me because it is a spell in Harry Potter. I really like Harry Potter, so that made me want to read this book.

Cover Design: I think that the bird flying over a big waterfall on a mountain made me want to read it because it looked really exciting. I think the bird may be a big part of the book and that location. Is the bird in a rush? What might happen to the bird?

Blurb: In the blurb it sounded like they were on an adventure in a stream. It sounded like an interesting bit of the story so I wanted to find out about why she was learning to float.

Prediction: The boy was trying to teach her how to float on her back. I think he was teaching her that so she would be able do something to help them on there adventure.