Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Description: The task as to do a Tic Tac Toe and complete it with a very high standard.
I chose Auto-Humanity for my Task. It was all about how this man was talking about people on technology all the time. I answered some questions of what I thought about the video and what the man was talking about. There was a lot of thinking to do to make that into a Summary of your opinion. Here's what I thought of and my Summary of the video.


We could do more outside and less using technology all day. You could help share this message by getting lots of people to watch this video. You could use technology some of the day but not all the time. My advice would be that everyone spends a minimum amount of time on the IPod, IPhone, IPad......ect!

Big Idea: The learning that I have done in my workshops have been about Summarising. I have been learning to summarise articles on Kiwi Kids News and books that I have read recently. Recently I have been learning to take notes and summarise in my own words a Grandma Mc Garvey Story. The video I have watched gave me a visual picture of what he was trying to tell people about technology, so that really helped me with summarising it.

Great job Rosalind, I really like the way you put so much depth in your post. Your description is also very clear so that I now know what the post is about, great job! Just remember that even if your goal is summarising make sure you talk about some of the other main points so that we know what message you want to get across. I love your post. Hannah K 

Evaluation: I think I did really well on this post and I learnt so much about how technology is not what you have to do all the time. I think my opinion was thought out with depth and I took my time. Rosalind:)

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  1. Rosalind, I like the way you have made it clear to your reader what your post is about and what you have been doing in class. I agree with you too that it is important to spend time outside! Next time you could look at keeping yourself in the pit, pushing past the easy ideas and see if you can think more deeply and specifically about the authors message and his thoughts on technology.