Monday, 31 August 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In my workshops with Elly I have been learning to Multiply and Divide to get the answers to questions I do not know. I have also been learning to use the box method.

Big Idea:

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think you did really good at keeping your boxes neat and using the strategy really well. I can't find any Feedfoward so just keep working on the strategy. #Tane

Evaluation: I think I have gotten better every workshop, at the box method that Elly has been teaching us. I think I am finally really good at the box method and that I will use it to work out hard division and multiplication to solve them. I think I am doing quite well in usual maths.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Passion Project 2015 Term 3

WALT use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in small groups

I am learning to: Design and make a place safe and awesome place with a group of 4 people.

Group: Emma, Olivia and Rileigh-Kaye.

Passion: I am going to design and make the Harekeke an awesome and safe place for kids at RSS. I think this could be one of the places many kids play at break.


Our group had 3 interviews with people to help us know a bit more about if it was a dry land or wet land place. It also helped us find out about the plants we could remove and the plants we could keep or put in. WE decided by the conversation that we had that the centre tree was dangerous and it was blocking all the light. So that will be a big job to maybe remove it. We have made a survey. So that we know what people want to use the place for. Examples: Quiet space, Play space ect. 

Evaluation: I think our group is going really well and we have made a plan that will be very successful. I think the turn out will be great and kids will love looking and being in the Harekeke.

Good Job Rosalind, I think your passion project is a great idea. I also have heard some of your group conversations and they sound great. I think that you could add a plan so that people know what you are going to do with the Harakeke. Hannah:)

Friday, 21 August 2015

Production Wearable Arts

Description: This term we have a Wearable Arts show at the Regent coming up. We do Wearble Arts making, every Friday. I have made a Mood Board that shows what it will look like. I have also made a plan and drawn my own design of what I am going to use and make it out of. My group is Elements and I will be doing water. I think instead of making some clothing that you might wear like a dress. I have made myself a rain drop instead of like a flowing dress. We have to up cycle the garment. So that it is made out of stuff that you might have at home. The production theme will be Life (Ora). I chose this group (elements) because I think that you could a really cool garment out of 4 choices that you have. Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. My inspiration is lots of other garments that I have seen on the web. I did not really want to do dress because I am not in to that thing. I think this was a really great idea.

Next I am going to sow or hot glue gun the two sides together to create a 3D shape.

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were: This fluffy stuff called melty fibre. For my rain shaker I used a glad wrap cardboard roll and paint. To stop the rice coming out the top I used lids and painted them to.

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was: Getting the measurements right for the rain drops size so it would'nt be to small or to big.
3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: I thought wider because no one else used melty fibre and I think I used the growth mindset by using something different.
4) Something I am really proud of about production was: Getting the measurements right.
5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by: I showed creativity by  making something creative. I think I was very creative because I made a 3D rain drop using fluffy material.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Image Prompts

I had to summarise this picture in my own words. This is called an Image Prompt. This is my opinion of the Image and what I thought about it.

I think this is and would be very frightning to see when you were quietly kiacking. I think if I saw that shark (great white). I would get a paddle and hit it with a paddle in the gills or in the nose. I have heard that's a place where it is quite weak. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Description: The task as to do a Tic Tac Toe and complete it with a very high standard.
I chose Auto-Humanity for my Task. It was all about how this man was talking about people on technology all the time. I answered some questions of what I thought about the video and what the man was talking about. There was a lot of thinking to do to make that into a Summary of your opinion. Here's what I thought of and my Summary of the video.


We could do more outside and less using technology all day. You could help share this message by getting lots of people to watch this video. You could use technology some of the day but not all the time. My advice would be that everyone spends a minimum amount of time on the IPod, IPhone, IPad......ect!

Big Idea: The learning that I have done in my workshops have been about Summarising. I have been learning to summarise articles on Kiwi Kids News and books that I have read recently. Recently I have been learning to take notes and summarise in my own words a Grandma Mc Garvey Story. The video I have watched gave me a visual picture of what he was trying to tell people about technology, so that really helped me with summarising it.

Great job Rosalind, I really like the way you put so much depth in your post. Your description is also very clear so that I now know what the post is about, great job! Just remember that even if your goal is summarising make sure you talk about some of the other main points so that we know what message you want to get across. I love your post. Hannah K 

Evaluation: I think I did really well on this post and I learnt so much about how technology is not what you have to do all the time. I think my opinion was thought out with depth and I took my time. Rosalind:)

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Image Prompts (Tic Tac Toe)

Description: I did a Tic Tac Toe where you have a quote given to you. I made a summary of the quote using my own words. Here is my summary.

Do the best you can to help someone. But just sometimes you have to do your own thing and you just don't have time to help them.