Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Writing Activity Term 2 2015

Description: My goal is to use conjunctions and connectives in my writing. I need to get my reader hooked and enthusiastic about my story. I have got my goal because in writing our group of writers have been learning to add those into our writing. I will get better at that by reading stories at home to get good ideas from experts and to write my own stories to practice.

Big Idea:

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think you have done a great job with using Connectives and Conjunctions in your writing. You could work on building up sentences a bit more to make it more interesting. 


Evaluation: I think next time I could manage the Google doc embed code better because it is really long on my post. I think I have done great writing. I have written conjunctions and connectives as well which is my goal.

1 comment:

  1. I love how you have such a growth mindset Rosalind! It is great to see you explaining how you are going to continue to improve (by reading books to get good ideas from experts!) Fab!