Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample

Description: I have been learning to Expand my Vocabulary. In my writing I have not been very good at adding very interesting words in my stories. I am Expanding my words so they are bigger. I know that I am getting better at it because I know that in my writing that I am doing at home I am using more difficult words. I am making it more interesting for the reader so that they are carrying on with the story and finding out what happens next. I am able to read big words so I understand them. I am also able to write good quality comments and feedback/feedfoward. I can improve on reading bigger words in my reading at home. Harder books that will challenge me.
I have done a Tic Tac Toe so that you can see one of my goals. I have made a poster. It is called said is dead. I have used words used in the same way but more interesting.

Big Idea: Create one of the Tic Tac Toes.

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think you have done really well making all these words interesting and cutting all the words that are boring and plain out. [Katelyn]

Evaluation: I think I made the poster very detailed when Charlotte gave me some feedfoward. I think my words that I thought of are very interesting. My Expanding of my Vocabulary has expanded a lot. I think I could work on actually using those words that I have put on my poster in my writing.

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  1. Well done Rosalind. I like the strong connection you have made with reading and writing. You are right, the more you expand your vocabulary in reading the more detailed you can make your stories. Learning more about words will also help you to read and understand trickier new words that you come across in your writing.

    Good job on your poster too. It is great to hear you responding to feed forward and practicing at home. You have a clear direction with what you need to work on. Good luck adding some of these words to your writing.

    This is really great quality, perhaps this poster needs to be printed out and put on the wall for others to be inspired in their writing.

    What a great example of agency in your learning...go Rosalind!!!