Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: This term we had to create a poster or just write our 4 questions that we had to do down in our maths book. Here are my strategies that I used to get my answers quick.

Big Idea: We were learning to use the most convenient strategy to help us get the answer real quick. We were learning about reversibility, place value, equal addition and rounding and compensating. 

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think you are going good with your maths and doing it in your maths book is the best way to do it. Next time you could do it on a device. Harriet:)

Evaluation: I think I did very well in my maths. I think my strategys are the best ones that I am good at.there are better ways to do your strategys though. I think next time I could also do it on a device to make it more exiting and interesting.

1 comment:

  1. Rosalind - Yes, Stage 6 is all about choosing the most efficient strategy depending on the relationship between the numbers. We want to see Equal Additions, Place Value Partitioning, Reversibility and Rounding & Compensating. Keep trying to look at the relationship between the numbers to decide what strategy is best to use.