Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Writing Activity

Description: We have to write a short story using a variety of conjunctions to create a picture in the audiences mind. We had to Imagine we had stumbled into an abandoned place in your dream. Elly gave us three photos that we could choose from. This is my picture that I chose and the description to go with it.

Boulders fallen. Walls still crumbling. Damp land all around me. Branches were clawing at the wooden buildings as cracking noises came from all around. Stumbling across the ruined mess. The ground jumped as boulders cam tumbling down destroying mossy stone. I saw a dark hollow door. What was inside I questioned myself. Looking up I dodged three enormous boulders crashing to the ground to the dusty, unstable road. I felt like something was going to squash me down deep into the dirty earth.

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