Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Star Test

Description: At the start of the year we always do a star test. We did one this year as well. I think I did pretty well but I think I could have done better as well. Here is a picture of my test.

Goal: Expand Vocab

Big Idea: The way that I could achieve my goal is when I do not know what a word means then I can look it up on the dictionary by using Dictionarys, Thesauruses,Glossaries and tools. I will know when I have achieved it when I do not have to look a word up when I am reading because I will already know what it means. I would like to complete the goal by the end of this term. I have to know what the word means by understanding the story and fitting the word in with how the story goes. For example their and there. I have to know which one it is before going and looking in the Dictionary or Thesaurus.

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