Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bus Stop Writing

Purpose: Describe the characteristics of an object

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Final Artcle

This is a Bus Stop. 
This Bus Stop does look strange.    
  Why would they use a bus,     
wouldn't they need it?      
I guess they did not need 
it because they used 
for something else
 instead of recycling 
but in a good way .
It does look very creative.
I have never seen one 
like this before.
 Would this be what bus 
stops now 
will always look like?
 I wonder ?       

The disadvantages of  the bus stop could be that 
no one uses that particular bus stop. 
They should make those sort of bus stops everywhere. 
He weather could destroy it, 
cover could be a pioritie. 

I think the bus stops advantages could be that people love it, think 
it is very creative and start stopping there for there bus, or on purose booking that
bus so thy can admire.

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