Friday, 8 August 2014

How the Kiwi Writing

Her is some writing that we have to write. We got this peice of writing and the idea from a show. Hope you enjoy reading it.

The Biggest Fish I Ever Caught

"Mum", I say "I've caught an enormous one!".  "Wow!", Mum screams.  "We are going to have a big dinner tonight".  "No", I say.  "Why not" Mum says in anger.  "Because it is an adult and it might have babies".  Mum threw it in the sea.  But she does not clutch on to it with a wet towel! "Oh no".   "What?" says Mum. "You rubbed off the protection of the fish! You have made it have a disease and then it will spread all around the fish and we will not be able to catch any more".
 "Do it yourself" Mum says in irritation.

Mum arranges the fishing rod to a perfect position.  "Where is Dad." I ask.  "He has gone swimming" Mum says, still annoyed.  Mum hands me the fishing rod.  I  cast it out into the water. "Feeling anything?".  Mum shouts over the huge crashing of the waves.  "Sure am" I say excitedly. I heave out an enormous fish.  My mouth is open wide.  Mum gasps.

It's Dad!  Dad has got a hook stuck up his nose!  "Well, we will not be using that hook again will we!

By Rosalind

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