Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Science Sample

W.A.L.T: Show our understanding of how energy works. We have been learning about energy. To show our learning, we have made a movie to show how energy works.
What: Make a video (no longer than 30 seconds) about our understanding of energy.i.e. States of Matter, Potential and Kenetic Energy, Newtons Cradle or forms of energy like Radiation, Convection or Coduction.
Why: To show what we know about how energy works, to share during our Stundent Led Conference.
When: Week 6
Who: I am going to show it to the people who go on my blog so that I have evidence that I know about energy and how it works.
Great post Rosalind. It is good to use equipment to demonstrate your understanding. It helps others to see what you mean. I wonder if next time you might use the voice over feature to make your talking easier to hear.
From Ebony

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