Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mnemonic Sample

Here is my mnemonic. We could do it off our spelling words but I just had thought of this word. A mnemonic is something where you choose a word and then you use it in a way that it makes a sentence of words starting with the letters of the word you choose. W.A.L.T: Rote Learn(learn off by heart). The purpose of doing this was so that I can learn what a mnemonic is. I did this poster by using pic collage the app. The app creates great and cool looking posters. I learnt what a mnemonic was and how you make one. I think I did a great job but I think I need to work on choosing a spelling word. Another purpose that I thought of was the purpose is so that I learn my spelling words. Feedback/Feedfoward: I think that you did a great job. Emma. I want to show to people in the world that I know what a mnemonic is. I did this poster in week five.

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  1. Thanks Rosalind. I especially like your mnemonic for 'belt'. I hope these help you remember how to spell these words.