Tuesday, 27 May 2014


In my workshop I had to show how to work out a question by using this strategy. Here is the question and how I worked it out. I worked out a question by halving 20 and doubling 5. Half of 20 is ten and double 5 is 10 so after that I just had to know what 10x10= And I knew what the answer is. It is 100 Because 10 groups of 10 equals hundred. I am doing this post to show you how I can work out a strategy using the double and half. We are making a Maths poster. I am showing the world that I can work out a strategy on my own without any help. W.A.L.T: Double and Half Strategy. The task is to make a poster to show that we can work out a question using a strategy. I learnt how to work out a question with this strategy. I think I did a great job because I thought about the poster and took time and effort into it. Feedback/Feedfoward: I think you did a great job but I think you need to work on putting more detail on it.

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