Thursday, 10 April 2014

Weetbix Triathlyon

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10 April 2014
Weetbix Triathlyon

I got out of bed. I thought oh no. No school today. I really enjoy school. But I was competing in the Weetbix Triathlyon it was going to be a great day. I put my togs on and put some random clothes on over top. I got my shoes on. I could not wait. Mum opened up the shed and I got my bike out. Mum put the bike rack on and I heaved my bike up onto the rack. I was ready to go. Grace, mum and I hopped into the car and we drove off.

We finally got there we hopped out of the car and we walked up there because there were so many cars that we had to park further away from the event. I put my bike in the right place. I had my number written on me and I had my swimming cap. I was all sorted. We had some free breakfast and we got this coloured sunscreen. It was really exciting. Then we had to get all together to do an excersise with the Weetbix guy. Then the first people went for there race we were second.

Then finally they called out the 9 year old girls. We were in a group with a big line. Then our line could go we were off starting to run. The run was not that tiring and we finally came to the swimming place. We were still in groups and the whistle went. I was swimming off as hard as I could. I got to the end. I started running off to get my bike. I rummaged through my box and got out some clothes. I shoved them on and started biking. I was in the front group now. We had to go through car parks and stuff like that to park our bikes back and start running again.

Finally we were there and I got off my bike. I started running but then I remembered I still had my helmet on. I quickly took it off and was running with it in my hand. It was quite hard to run with a helmet in my hand but I got to the end.

 I was very pleased with myself for doing it. I got my medal and received a cup of water. I gulped it down in one I was so thirsty. I was in the line for my picture getting taken. After that we had to line up for a school photo. We found our line and got our photo taken. We took our bike and we were off to the petrol station to buy and ice-cream. I slurped it and licked it until it was all gone. It was a really fun day and I was also very pleased with myself.

Written by Rosalind Smith

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  1. What an excellent recount, almost like a newspaper reported. I am proud of you for doing the Weet Bix Tryalthon as I know it is tough