Thursday, 17 April 2014

Raffle for a Ride

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The day had come. At Russell Street School there was going to be a big event. Raffle for a Ride!!!
On Thursday. The rain poured down as the children stand waiting to spy their favourite vehicle. All I could hear was the rain pattering on the roof of the school and the children screaming and there body's getting filled up with excitement. There were lots of cars. Big cars little cars and different coloured cars.

 As I lined up to go to the ambulance a shiver climbed up my spine. It was my turn to go into the ambulance. I touched the door and heaved my self up. It felt cold and dry inside. I could see lots of buttons at the front of the vehicle. All I could smell was the smell of hand sanitizer filling up the room.

The helicopter was here. I was still in the ambulance when it was here. I was looking out the small space in the window. The propellers whirled round and round it made me quite dizzy. The helicopter landed with a thump on the soft green fresh grass. As the propellers were still going the children jumped out. The leaves blew round and round. It made it look very windy but just in one small spot. It took off very slowly as we all waved goodbye. There's were only 30 students who got to go into a vehicle out of the whole school. I entered but unfortunately I did not win. The people who one got there by the flash cars picking up the people from there houses. I loved the day that we had. I enjoyed it so much.

Written By Rosalind

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