Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kidsedchatnz Questions

1) How does you country/family/school celebrate Anzac Day? We make Anzac biscuits to celebrate it and we remember the people who died.
2) What does Anzac Day mean to you personally? It personally means to me to remember the people who died.
3) Do you have any extended family that fought in Galliopoli War? My Grandad fought in the war.
4) Do you have any extended family that fought in any other conflicts? I do not know if anyone has fought in conflicts.
5) Do you think Anzac Day is important? I think is important because it is kind to remember those who died. Should we celebrate the day? Yes because that was a terrifying war. How else could Anzac Day be celebrated? We could celebrate it a different way by not having Anzac biscuits as the tradition but we could have a plant.
6) During Galliopoli,Australia an NZ fought side by side. Do you think the relationship between the 2 countries is important? Yes. Because they fought in a very bad war and it is remembered.
7) Why are poppies sold before and on Anzac Day? Because in the war the men died where the poppies grow mostly.
8) How did the Anzac biscuit originate? The Anzac biscuit was made using maple syrup so it could stick together and it had to be cooked very long so it was hard and would not crack.
9) Have you ever been to an Anzac Day celebration? I have not ever been to an Anzac Day celebration. But if you have I would like to know what it feels like there when you are at it.

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