Tuesday, 1 April 2014


To write a recount based on something scary or suspenseful that happened to you.
Part One
Rock Climbing
I was standing in the line nervously. I was shaking of fear. Finally it was my turn. I just could not do it. I can't I can't I told myself. I gripped my hands onto the rope as the instuructor hooked something on my harness. I let the rope go and I took my first step onto a colourful rock. I was not being frightened yet. I took another big step. I was getting higher and higher each time. I grabbed a yellow rock it was really small like a mouse. I slipped but then I remembered I was tied to a rope and that's when I figuered out that that's what he had tied to my harness. I was halfway up the wall my arms were getting really tired. As my feet were gripping onto the rocks my feet were making a thudding sound.

Part Two
Our activity group walked down to the rifle shooting place. I watched other people to do it to get the idea of what it would be like. But when it was my turn I found out that when you shoot the rifle the rifle sort of jams your shoulder a bit. I was very bad at the start and I got 23 but on the second shot I got 28 which was better than before. You get 6 shots and three tries of the actual shooting the paper. But on the last shot I got 38. I was very pleased with what I got because I improved all the way through. Other people got higher but I have never shot a gun before.

Part Three
Earth Boards
I had a fear of earth boards because when I was doing the other activities I saw them doing it and it
looked really scary. But when it was our groups turn for it it was even harder then I thought. The person who was teaching us how to use them was very helpful for me. Because she encouraged me to do it and not be scared. Also I was not scared anymore and I could ride them very fast and I was on the gravel. I liked going on the grass as well. But I preferred the gravel because was faster.


  1. Rosalind it would be great to see all of your drafts so I can see what you improved each time based on the feedback you received.

  2. ok. I will put another post about camp on my blog and show all the drafts that I did.