Thursday, 17 April 2014

Raffle for a Ride

W.A.L.T: Write a News Report

Success Criteria:
Write a news report to inform people about it.

The day had come. At Russell Street School there was going to be a big event. Raffle for a Ride!!!
On Thursday. The rain poured down as the children stand waiting to spy their favourite vehicle. All I could hear was the rain pattering on the roof of the school and the children screaming and there body's getting filled up with excitement. There were lots of cars. Big cars little cars and different coloured cars.

 As I lined up to go to the ambulance a shiver climbed up my spine. It was my turn to go into the ambulance. I touched the door and heaved my self up. It felt cold and dry inside. I could see lots of buttons at the front of the vehicle. All I could smell was the smell of hand sanitizer filling up the room.

The helicopter was here. I was still in the ambulance when it was here. I was looking out the small space in the window. The propellers whirled round and round it made me quite dizzy. The helicopter landed with a thump on the soft green fresh grass. As the propellers were still going the children jumped out. The leaves blew round and round. It made it look very windy but just in one small spot. It took off very slowly as we all waved goodbye. There's were only 30 students who got to go into a vehicle out of the whole school. I entered but unfortunately I did not win. The people who one got there by the flash cars picking up the people from there houses. I loved the day that we had. I enjoyed it so much.

Written By Rosalind

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bookclub Tasks

We had to make a logo about our life and what we love to do. Here it is. W.A.L.T: Make inferences to better understand the author's message.

Birth Story
I had to ask my parents about my birth story. Here it is written down. W.A.L.T: To use various sources of information to better understand the author's message.

Here is my 2 things that I would say in class so everyone would know about me. I also put Auggie's in there so that you could compare them together. W.A.L.T: Make inferences to better understand the author's message.

Here is a PMI chart about if August should go to school or not. P is the good reasons why he should go to school. M is the not good reasons why he should go to school. I is the interesting things about why he should go to school. W.A.L.T: Make inferences to better understand the author's message.

We had to do another task by saying things about how August is growing up.

We also had to say how August would be an inspiration to others.
W.A.L.T: Make inferences to better understand the author's message.

We also had to ask some questions to the author. Here are my questions to ask the author.
W.A.L.T: To use various sources of information to better understand the author's message.

I am asked to decide if August should get detention or not. This is what I think.
W.A.L.T: Consider alternative viewpoints to better understand the author's message.

Via and August Description of Halloween.
W.A.L.T: Consider alternative viewpoints better understand the author's message.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Weetbix Triathlyon

WALT: share an experience with an audience
Success Criteria:
Share an experience so that someone else feels as thought they are experiencing it with you.
Share what you learnt
Share what you would do differently next time
10 April 2014
Weetbix Triathlyon

I got out of bed. I thought oh no. No school today. I really enjoy school. But I was competing in the Weetbix Triathlyon it was going to be a great day. I put my togs on and put some random clothes on over top. I got my shoes on. I could not wait. Mum opened up the shed and I got my bike out. Mum put the bike rack on and I heaved my bike up onto the rack. I was ready to go. Grace, mum and I hopped into the car and we drove off.

We finally got there we hopped out of the car and we walked up there because there were so many cars that we had to park further away from the event. I put my bike in the right place. I had my number written on me and I had my swimming cap. I was all sorted. We had some free breakfast and we got this coloured sunscreen. It was really exciting. Then we had to get all together to do an excersise with the Weetbix guy. Then the first people went for there race we were second.

Then finally they called out the 9 year old girls. We were in a group with a big line. Then our line could go we were off starting to run. The run was not that tiring and we finally came to the swimming place. We were still in groups and the whistle went. I was swimming off as hard as I could. I got to the end. I started running off to get my bike. I rummaged through my box and got out some clothes. I shoved them on and started biking. I was in the front group now. We had to go through car parks and stuff like that to park our bikes back and start running again.

Finally we were there and I got off my bike. I started running but then I remembered I still had my helmet on. I quickly took it off and was running with it in my hand. It was quite hard to run with a helmet in my hand but I got to the end.

 I was very pleased with myself for doing it. I got my medal and received a cup of water. I gulped it down in one I was so thirsty. I was in the line for my picture getting taken. After that we had to line up for a school photo. We found our line and got our photo taken. We took our bike and we were off to the petrol station to buy and ice-cream. I slurped it and licked it until it was all gone. It was a really fun day and I was also very pleased with myself.

Written by Rosalind Smith

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Because of Winn-Dixie P3538

Wind Dixie
The girl went off with the dog and cared for it.
Via was pretecting daisy.

Rainbow Street Pets
Dog called Bear the dog was not being looked after and someone came along and looked after it.
Wind Dixie
Also the girl was taking the dog to her house to look after.

The Thirghteen Story Treehouse
They are working together to build it.
They are not working together in class then when there teacher starts talking to the group they discuss things and work it out.


On tutpup eye had to get better at our spelling here is my evidence of the spelling that I learnt. WALT spell with precision and accuracy.

Kidsedchatnz Questions

1) How does you country/family/school celebrate Anzac Day? We make Anzac biscuits to celebrate it and we remember the people who died.
2) What does Anzac Day mean to you personally? It personally means to me to remember the people who died.
3) Do you have any extended family that fought in Galliopoli War? My Grandad fought in the war.
4) Do you have any extended family that fought in any other conflicts? I do not know if anyone has fought in conflicts.
5) Do you think Anzac Day is important? I think is important because it is kind to remember those who died. Should we celebrate the day? Yes because that was a terrifying war. How else could Anzac Day be celebrated? We could celebrate it a different way by not having Anzac biscuits as the tradition but we could have a plant.
6) During Galliopoli,Australia an NZ fought side by side. Do you think the relationship between the 2 countries is important? Yes. Because they fought in a very bad war and it is remembered.
7) Why are poppies sold before and on Anzac Day? Because in the war the men died where the poppies grow mostly.
8) How did the Anzac biscuit originate? The Anzac biscuit was made using maple syrup so it could stick together and it had to be cooked very long so it was hard and would not crack.
9) Have you ever been to an Anzac Day celebration? I have not ever been to an Anzac Day celebration. But if you have I would like to know what it feels like there when you are at it.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Kotahitanga Poster

Here is a poster of me showing kotahitanga and me not showing kotahitanga. I hope you learn lots about what kotahitanga means and does to help you actions.
WALT: Show Kohtahitanga
Success Criteria:
Use photos to share our camp experiences
Use text to explain the kotahitanga

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How many Colours?

I think......

Broken Calculator

1 = 5 - 4
2 = 4 x 4 - 5 - 5 - 4
3 = 4 x 4 - 5 - 4 - 4
4 = 4 x 4 - 4 - 4 - 4
5 = 5 x 4 - 5 - 5 - 5
6 = 5 x 4 - 5 - 5 - 4
7 = 5 x 4 - 5 - 4 - 4
8 = 4 x 4 - 4 - 4
9 =
10 = 5 x 4 - 5 - 5
11 = 4 x 4 - 5
12 = 4 x 4 - 4
13 =
14 =
15 = 5 x 5 - 5 - 5
16 = 5 x 5 - 4 - 5
17 = 5 x 5 - 4 - 4
18 =
19 =
20 = 5 x 4

WALT use appropriate strategies to solve problems.

Writing Post

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

World War 1

Here is a poster about the war. I went on pi collage and put so e poppies for the background. I also wrote some words to do with the war.

My Camp Goals

My Goal is to work and get along with people in a group.
I overcame this by having a group on camp. I worked and worked with them very nicley and thats how I came to work better in a group with other people.

My second goal is to not be scared of wetas.
I overcame this by having one drop onto my face and see what it feels like to be around wetas.
I do not love wetas but I am not as afraid as I was before of them.
WALT: set SMART goals
Success Criteria:
Set 2 goals that are sensible, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goals
Reflect on goals after camp


To write a recount based on something scary or suspenseful that happened to you.
Part One
Rock Climbing
I was standing in the line nervously. I was shaking of fear. Finally it was my turn. I just could not do it. I can't I can't I told myself. I gripped my hands onto the rope as the instuructor hooked something on my harness. I let the rope go and I took my first step onto a colourful rock. I was not being frightened yet. I took another big step. I was getting higher and higher each time. I grabbed a yellow rock it was really small like a mouse. I slipped but then I remembered I was tied to a rope and that's when I figuered out that that's what he had tied to my harness. I was halfway up the wall my arms were getting really tired. As my feet were gripping onto the rocks my feet were making a thudding sound.

Part Two
Our activity group walked down to the rifle shooting place. I watched other people to do it to get the idea of what it would be like. But when it was my turn I found out that when you shoot the rifle the rifle sort of jams your shoulder a bit. I was very bad at the start and I got 23 but on the second shot I got 28 which was better than before. You get 6 shots and three tries of the actual shooting the paper. But on the last shot I got 38. I was very pleased with what I got because I improved all the way through. Other people got higher but I have never shot a gun before.

Part Three
Earth Boards
I had a fear of earth boards because when I was doing the other activities I saw them doing it and it
looked really scary. But when it was our groups turn for it it was even harder then I thought. The person who was teaching us how to use them was very helpful for me. Because she encouraged me to do it and not be scared. Also I was not scared anymore and I could ride them very fast and I was on the gravel. I liked going on the grass as well. But I preferred the gravel because was faster.