Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Character Description

We are learning  how to write a character description using similes.
 how to write a character description using similes.


His hair is black and bristly just like on a hair brush. His eyes sparkle like fire fly fluttering around. His nose twitches side to side every time I look at him. His cheeks have bristly hair that flatten out when he is calm. His skin is rough.

He likes to wear baggy t-shirts and shorts. He has pockets full of weird kind of ripped to bit torned to bit paper. He has sandals that looked old and recked.

He is loving and caring to all people. But can sometimes get grumpy and wild like a war. "I wish he would not get grumpy". He is also very kind when I come home from school. Dad gets up in front of the whole school and sings count on me. "I do not think he is a very vood singer".
When some of his friends come over he always offers them a cup of tea or something. Also he has some to.

He loves sport. His favourite sport is cricket. He loves being by the fire in the library reading a book near night time. Because we have not used the library much. He has a sleep in practically every morning and day. He keeps his books neatly put in place in the library. He likes sitting comfortly on his chair by the tv. He likes his comfy warm bed. He likes going in the car with the tent in the back and he loves camping so he has a huge smile on his face. He loves staying somewhere different for once.

When he walks into the room the room lights up a whole lot more than before. My dad does not want a different house. He likes our small warm house. He thinks if the house is smaller than it is warmer. I secretly think the same but I do not say it because I want a bigger house because it is upstairs and I like upstairs.

When he goes on a holiday he takes his big suitcase. That I can not carry. But I have to say he is strong. He is cheerful and happy at times. But I love my dad no matter what.

By Rosalind

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  1. Well done, I know you have tried really hard on this. I like the way you have described his physical features and created a really clear picture for the reader.