Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Homework Task

Our homework task this week is to make an emergency kit. Here is mine.


In reading we have been learning about inferring. Here is a haiku deck I made.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Being nice in sports games

Here is a movie to show you how parents should act when they are at a sports game. Hope you like it.

Bar Chart

Here is a Bar chart we have been learning about them in maths. Hope you like it.

                          R5's favourite Birds



Here is me reading a book on educreations. ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Homework Task

Here is my homework task that I did. Hope you like it.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Production Writing

I tiptoed onto the rough carpet. I was very excited. I could not wait. I galloped up stairs to get the flash uniform for kapa haka. I got changed into it. I also got my eyeliner on. I said to Hannah "I hate makeup".

Then I got my ukulele. The colour of it was light white. I felt very apprehensive. After the people doing the first show was off. The ukulele went on. My face went fiery red.
We were going to play Twist again, Hand Jive and lots more. I had a big clown smile on my face. My knees were knobbling like mad. When the ukulele was finished.

The kapa haka was on. I walked nervously onto the stage. I looked at all the people. I was in the front row. When that was finished. I went off stage. I only had two more performances left.

Then another class came on stage. I sprinted up the wonky stairs to the changing rooms to get my costume on. There were boys in there so I went to change in the toilets with Serena. She went in the shower and closed the curtain. I went out side the shower so she would not see me. She locked the door. When she had finished. She unlocked the door. But the door was locked. We could not get out. WE WERE STUCK!!! Finally we worked out how to open the door. It was a relief. I sprinted upstairs like a crazy chicken to dressing room 6. I was getting my shiny new tray ready for our dance. I could not find my green cup but that was okay. Because I did not think that anyone would see it and they did not.

The crowd was very captivated in our dance. I had a funny feeling in my brain that something was going to go wrong. After the dance. I felt happy that I did it. Now I only had one dance to go. It was the whole school dance. When Stephen showed us the super video. I was amazed to see everyone doing quite a good job. It was awesome.

The teachers dance was on. I thought they rocked the whole stage to bits. They were fabulace. Stephen was wearing a long orange dress with blue high heels. Stephen said "I can not dance in these shoes". Other teachers were wearing weird and yucky clothes. I tried to laugh but I gulped. It felt like a whole lot of worms had just whooshed out of my mouth. I was really nervous about the whole thing. The teachers went off stage and stood behind us. The song that the whole school was doing was take it easy. We did it. It was like the whole school had just done a fashion show! After that we had to find our parents and go home.

I was pleased with myself. I think I did great. The costumes were nice and I think they looked best on Georgia and Amy. I think that our dance was the best. I absouloutly loved production. It was so hot at the theatre that it felt like someone was plastering me down into a fire. When I got home. I got my PJ's on and dragged myself to bed. But as I closed my eyes. I thought to myself. Another old ordinary day at school tomorrow.

By Rosalind

Friday, 5 July 2013

Maori Haiku Deck

This is my haiku deck. Hope you like it.

Basic Facts

My first score in Basic Facts was 83 and my last one was 89. These are the basic facts strategies I have been using in class.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Homework Task

Here is my homework task that I did with Georgia, Grace and I. Hope you like it.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Production Reflection

This is a puppet pal that I made about production with Hannah. Hope you like it!!!

Cups Song

Here is a cups song that we did with a student teacher called Olivia. ENJOY!!!


Here is the Cereal ad that we made. Hope you like it.

Reading Time

WALT: To read with fluency and expression

SUCCESS CRITERIA: To be successful we need to...

- Read at a steady pace, not too fast and not to slow

- Read each sentence with accuracy, not making too many mistakes

- Use good phrasing, paying attention to punctuation and sentence structure
- Change my voice to show feeling or to sound like different characters

SELF ASSESSMENT: Did you achieve the WALT? Explain why?
I think I changed my voice well to sound like the characters in the book. I think I used good punctuation.