Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cross Country Reflection

 BEFORE THE RACE We were coming out of the class to line up. When we got onto the felid we stood on the deck by Room 12 and 11. I was thinking about how fast I was going to go.
DURING THE RACES The year 6's went first and they did a warm up to get ready for the race. I was not as nervous because my race was not near yet. When they finished the warm up. Nick blew the horn and they were off. I was watching them and this girl was by far in the front. She was really speedy. I was eating my crackers because I was really hungry. When they came onto the felid again the girl was in front again. She was coming into the finish line. No one was behind her. When the year 6 race was finished. The year 6 boys raced each other. They were really fast as well as the year 6 girls. Then it was the year 5 girls and boys.

After that it was time for when my race was going to start  I was really nervous now. But it really helped me to have a warm up. Then it was time for our race too begin. The horn went and I ran as fast as I could and then slowed down on this big long street. I was really puffed out but I was coming 6th. I had butterflies in my tummy and I had the stitch.
As soon as I turned the corner I pasted the person in front of me. I was coming 5th which was really good. I was back at Russell Street and I was running to the finish line the girl who was in front of me was going past me but I just sped up in front. I came 5th.

AFTER THE RACES I felt happy with myself even though I did not achieve anything. My mum was there and she was very happy with me. I was really hot as well my face was red.

By Rosalind


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