Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mari Reflection

What did you most enjoy about the Marae?  Playing the game ke o rahe and going on the big walk.

What are you most proud of yourself from the Marae stay? I am proud of myself because I worked hard to work out how to do the sketching.

What activite  did you find most challenging and why? I found ke o raha the most challenging because I did not know what team was doing what.

What did you learn about the Marae culture and customs? I learnt that you had to do a karakea before you eat.


In Writing this term I have learnt.... to write a recount

The example I am going to share with you is.... My swimming sports recount

Swimming Sports

On Thursday Russell Street School went to the Lido. We were going to swim there and have some races. There were some widths races and length races. I did all the length races. You could do backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke. In the width races you can do noodle races and flutter board races. I did not do any of the width races. 

I arrived at school quite early and when the bell rang I went straight to the mat. Stephen called out the roll and said the yellow book notices. Then we went to the bus and hopped on and it was not a long ride. When we got there I hopped off the bus and made a line in front of Stephen.

Then when everybody was in the line we started walking into the doors of the Lido. We went straight to the pool. We got into our places where we were going to sit.

The width races started and I was cheering for the girls in my class but mostly I was talking rather than cheering. My friend Olivia won a width race. It was the flutter board race. I thought she did really well. 

After that it was the length races but our year group was not up first. The year 6 boys and girls went first and then it was the year 5 boys and girls. When it was our turn the year 4’s and 3’s jumped up and walked quietly to the starting line. 

David said, “On your marks, get set...” I jumped into the pool and got ready. We were doing freestyle. I can not dive because when I look down so far I think I am about to belly flop. Then he said, “Go!" I was not far behind when Georgia T, my friend, came speeding up. 

Unfortunately I came second to last. I think I am a very bad swimmer.

After we did the freestyle and then we were going to do the backstroke. The year 6’s went first. I watched the year 6’s and they were really fast. When they started they were like snakes wriggling through the water. When they finished the year 5’s went and they were more like dolphins.

After that it was the year 4’s turn, which was my year group. We were doing backstroke like the other kids did. I think I would have not looked fast at all but when David said, “On your marks, get set, go” I raced forward and touched the end with one hand. You are not supposed to touch the wall with one hand. You have to touch the wall with two hands at the same time when you’re on your back. So I came 4th. I would’ve went in the finals if I had touched the wall with two hands on my back. James did not tell us that before we were doing the actual thing. 

After that the school was doing breaststroke. I am very bad at breaststroke. That’s why I thought I was going to come last. When all of the other big kids had done it was the year 4’s turn. I went up to the starting line behind the diving place and I jumped in the pool. Then I got really nervous. Then he said, “Go.” I leaped off the wall and landed right under the water. I love breaststroke but I am bad at it. I was coming second to last like last time. When I got to the wall I was not happy but I was happy that I tried. 

When that was finished it came to the finals. My friend Georgia and Bella were in the finals because they are really good athletes. I watched all of the finals. I was not nervous anymore. Then there was a teacher race. Sha, James, Nick and Ebony did it. It was really cool.

After the finals we got dressed. We got dressed and lined up behind our teacher to make a line. 
When everyone got back Ebony’s class went first. We were going to the Esplanade to have something to eat. Then our class went I was hungry and thirsty but I did not have a drink bottle, but I had some food. 

When we arrived I ate my food and went off to play with my friends. First we went on the trampoline but we hopped off because some other people wanted to go on it. Then finally we went on the flying fox, I have never been on it. So I was scared. I watched Grace, Georgia and Bella go on it.

After playing on the flying fox the big horn went so we had to go back. When I arrived back where I was sitting I collected up my stuff. 

I got on the bus and when we got to school I said, “I had a great time at swimming sports and I would like to do it again.” I felt happy that I tried.

By Rosalind

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I'm on top of the world

This is a music video that some people in our class, named Bella, Ana and Hannah. They worked hard using different angels and tried new things. Here it is.

Puppet Pal Reflection

Georgia, Grace and I did this puppet pal reflection about class. Here it is.

Bird Art

On Monday our class did some art with a reliever called Craylon. Here is mine.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Homework Task

This is the homework task that we had to do at school here is mine. Hope you like it.

Friday, 5 April 2013

What Reflection

What: Cups song with Olivia, Catch me if you can, swimming sports, Learning how to write a recount, Maths dice of death game, In reading were are learning to skim and scan, We have been learning some maths.

So What: The circles in maths have been learning the split strategy, Rona and the Moon art, Basic Facts, How to use the I pad, Hard spelling words.

Now What: I want to learn about how your body works, I want to move up to the squares, I want to learn about animals.