Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Today it was the triathlon.  I was really nervous when I got to school. I put my bag up and went outside I was already in my togs and I only had my pants on. When the bell rang I sat on the mat and we did the roll. After that we went out onto the feild and I sat down in my year group and the first race began. The year 3 girls were racing I cheered for Emily my sisters friend called Tabitha. She was really fast at the start. But I did not know what place she came because I did not see her when she came through the finish line. Then after about 10 minutes it was the year 3 boys turn to race. When they started the race I was not really cheering because I was talking to my friends.

When the boys finished it was my turn to race I was really scared because my to friends Bella and Georgia are really fast and I was scared that they were going to beat me. When we came to the starting line Stephen my teacher did warm ups with us. When we had finished doing the warm ups he said READY STEADY GO!!! I leaped of the starting line and started to run onto the street I was coming 5th by then and I was at the pool part it was only a short swim though then I hopped out and jumped on my bike then I was off. I was finally past Georgia and I was coming 4th. We had to bike around the field when I was finished biking I ran to the finish line I came third. Last year I came 5th so I did a better job this year.

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