Monday, 25 February 2013

Emma's Party

In the weekend after school I went to my friends party. Her name is Emma. We were having a sleepover.

When I got there Emma carried my stuff into her room. After that we played with her moshlings she has 103. All the people were at the party by now and we were eating salt and vinegar chips. They are my favourite chips. When her cousins got there we were getting ready to go skating Georgia T has her own skates so she brought them. When we got in the car I sat by Sha in the front.

When we got there I said I wanted size 3 skates I put them on and waited for Emma. When she was ready we went onto the rink where we were going to skate I fell over a few times but it did not really hurt after a bit of a skate around this man said that we were going to play a game first he told the instructions and we played the girls won. I got two prizes and I got a yo yo and a spiky green ball.
After we stopped skating I said I was hungry and I got a chocolate bar and some mentos It was delicious.

When we got back home we played in her room. After we had pizza for dinner we went to bed and talked and talked until we got to sleep.

In the morning we woke up and stayed in bed for a while. Then finally we got up and we had pancakes for breakfast. Grace, Georgia, Lili and I packed our bags ready to go home but before that Sha got a bag full of sunglasses and I got black and red ones like Jadien Emma's cute little brother.
Sha took a photo of us with them on and we walked home.

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