Monday, 7 December 2015

Writing Poetry

Description: In Troy's writing group we have been writing Limericks,Free Verse Poetry and Cinquain. It has been a lot of fun. A Limerick is a rhyming poem that has a set number of sentences and words. Free verse poetry is practically a poem that you can do anything you want with, you do not have to follow a certain format. A Cinquain is the most recent poem I have been writing. A Cinquain has a certain format that you have to follow. A Cinquain is shaped like a Christmas tree. It starts off, like skip counting in 2's. 2,4,6,8 and you go back to a 2 syllable word. The last line usually ends off with what you are talking about in the poem. An example is Christmas. Here are all the writing groups poems in this slide. 

Big Idea:

Feedback/Feedfoward:  I think that you had a very clear picture in your mind of what you where writing about.  In your Free Verse poem you pictured very clearly in my mind what you felt like when you where near the sea lion. Next time you could try make your Cinquain rhyme. Georgia:)

Evaluation: I think I created lots of interesting poems with those rules and subjects. I think that I could create more of those poems in the future to learn and practise them more. I loved the types of poems because some of them I did not know existed, now I do. Also The paticular poem I would like to work on was a Cinquain. Cinquains are a bit more harder to write than the others because they have a more harder format that you have to follow.

Petronas Advertisment

In my reading workshop we have to create a Advertisment to make people want to buy the book w have been reading called Petronas. I have made a poster to advertise it. I chose to do this because I love creating and drawing. Here is a picture of my poster.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Cinquains (Hockey)

Description: I play hockey every Wednesday after school on the turf. I really like hockey so I decided to write a Cinquains about hockey. In a Cinquain you have 2 syllables at the start then you have 4,8 and then the last word you go back to 2. Here is my Cinquain about Hockey.

Title: Game Glory

Shooting a goal
She shoots,She scores the crowd goes wild

Feedback/Feedfoward: Great poem. I think you have thought about it very carefully. You have done a awesome job. Amy

Thursday, 26 November 2015


Description: This term we have been doing Inquiry every Thursday at 9:30 till lunch. I am in graduation with Troy. We have been getting the decorations and hats ready for graduation. There has been dances being made. People sorting out the food. There has been painting. For inquiry there has been heaps of different options. Building, 3D printing, Art, Arcade making. I am doing the hats, we have nearly done. We have to make 54. 

The purpose of making these hats is because the year 6's are leaving. 

I hope this will help people in the future, so when it is there graduation they can make some hats as well. People might be inspired about what we do in graduation because we might do something quite different to what they thought about. They might be inspired about some technece that we use to make something. We did the same thing as last year because the method worked.

What did I accomplish? I created amazing hats using black paper, with a group of people and I helped out near the end with an awesome 2015 sign.

What made you choose this inquiry? I helped last year with graduation and I thought it was really cool. I love creating things. So I chose this inquiry so I could help out and have fun.

What changes could you make to improve your inquiry? We could have worked faster to get things done. Then we could make a few changes or touch up a few things. We just got most of the priorities done that would really stand out at graduation. Now we are touching up.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Petronas Questions 3

Description: Here are the Questions my buddy sent me about Chapter 9,10,11. Here are my answers and the Questions.

Invent a different way to find water without the water stick?

Answer: You cut into a tree and you hope there is water inside to drink.

What does the water stick do? 

Answer: The water stick finds water for the tribe. You put it on the ground and it points to where the nearest bit of water is.

Can you think of a better world that is nothing like petronas and it is perfect?

Answer: There is no world that is perfect.

Explain similarities between you and Baba?

Answer: Baba is nearly the same age as me.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Petronas Questions 2

Description: We have been given questions to answer from our reading buddy. Here are the questions that my buddy set me, and the answers.

Why do you think Petronas the city is abandoned?

-Because there is that bird and I think that is the birds home so he scares people away from the city with his eyes.

Why are people nomadic? 

-They want to get outdoors and travel around the place. They do not feel like living in a cramped house. 

True or False do nomads only live in deserts? 


What examples can you find from when you had to be a leader?

- It is hard to control everyone and try to make them agree with what you are saying.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Petronas Questions

Description: My buddy gave me some questions about the book that me and a group of people are reading. Here are the questions and the answers that I gave.

List 3 responses that The nomads said to Baba when Baba said let’s live here?

- What?

- Would it be safe?

- Where would we live?

What is another way for Baba to find water by not using the water stick?

Answer: By smelling the water, if she had a really good sense of smell.

How would you feel if you were the leader?

Answer: I would feel nervous because you have to make sure everyone is safe. You have to make the right decisions and you might not get anywhere.

What questions would you ask in an interview with baba?


- What did it feel like being the leader?

-What would you do better next time you lead something?

-What did you feel like when you found the city?

Friday, 6 November 2015


Description: We got given a piece of paper with lots of goals that we need to work on. The three goals that you can go on is. Self-Agentic, Self-Managing and Self-Directed. We had to highlight yellow for we do it constantly and pink for we have to get a reminder about it. I think I am on Self Agentic because I think I can do the others goals constantly. Here is the sheet of goals that we had to work on.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Free Verse Poetry

Description: In writing I have written some free verse poetry. The subject we had to make our writing on was a memory that we have. I am writing about how a sea lion chased us on the beach. Here is my free verse poetry that I have written.

Sea Lion

Footprints engraved in the sand as I walk along the 

sandy beach. 

Screech, Screech, Screech

What was that?

I hear the same sound again

Screech, Screech, Screech

The sound echoes through my ears like someone talking in an empty room.

Turning around I see a huge blubbery sea lion, heaving it's muscles with it. 

As it powered along the beach.

I made a run for it.


I think I used most of the senses, taste, hear, feel, smell and see. But I could work on using more of them. I used some repetition and similes to make it more interesting. I could definitely work on using more language features, like alliteration and some of the senses.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Reading Follow Up

Petronas Questions

1) What do you know about deserts and the life of nomadic tribes? 

A: Nomads are people who travel round their country but do, not have a set home. 

They move place to place to find food for themselves, food for their livestock, or earn a living. They live in tents and portable shelters. They use to travel by travelling in a boat walking or riding animals. Now they travel by truck or car.

Bedouin's live in the deserts of the North Africa and Middle East. They use to herd goats and camels. But some of them now live in cities. Baba thought that living as a nomad was very hard because you have to hunt all the time. 

2) How did this help your understanding of the problems Baba and the nomads face in finding water to survive?

A: She was just made the leader because of her different coloured eyes and she was only twelve-years old. Your feet would get really sore because of the travelling across the desert everyday. Looking for water to survive. Because you need water for moisture in your body.

3) Why did the author not tell the reader what Baba saw?

A: To create suspense. To let the reader think about what it might be for themselves.

4) How does this use of alliteration help you visualise the grass?

A: It paints an image of the green wavy grass growing on the hot plain sand.

5) What other words that start with "L" could you add to the sentence to enhance the description?

A: Long, Lush Luxurious Grass.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Writers Notebook Task

Description: Our theme this week for reading is spooky stuff. So we had to create a page in our writers notebook about dark stuff. Here is the page that I created in my book.

Spooky Story (Creak)

Description: This week our theme was spooky stuff. We had to write a story that was spooky. We had to create suspense in our story. Here is my spooky story.



I am in bed on a dark, gloomy night. The window is wide open and the wind is whistling in my ears. 

Before bed I had filled up a cup of water. 

I went to grab my glass of water from the window sill. Instead there on the window sill is an empty glass that is smashed. 

Suddenly I become quiet. I here a gulping noise down below the window. I try to pull the window shut. But out shoots a hand. 


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Excuses to not Eat your Fruit & Vege's

Description: We had to make a page full of excuses, about why not to do something. My focus was on not eating your Fruit & Vege's. I made a page of excuses. Here is what it looks like and my ideas of some excuses.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Title: I really liked the sound of the title beacause it sounded like a secret spell. I wanted to find out more about what it meant and what might happen. The title really hooked me because it is a spell in Harry Potter. I really like Harry Potter, so that made me want to read this book.

Cover Design: I think that the bird flying over a big waterfall on a mountain made me want to read it because it looked really exciting. I think the bird may be a big part of the book and that location. Is the bird in a rush? What might happen to the bird?

Blurb: In the blurb it sounded like they were on an adventure in a stream. It sounded like an interesting bit of the story so I wanted to find out about why she was learning to float.

Prediction: The boy was trying to teach her how to float on her back. I think he was teaching her that so she would be able do something to help them on there adventure. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Image Prompts

Description: I have to summarise this picture using my own words and opinion.

 Opinion: I think that it would be extremely fun because you are flying in the air with other people. They are wearing rainbow colored clothes and that is the effect they might be aiming for. This picture is really awesome because of the circle beneath them. This relates to your learning because its never to be afraid to try something new and take a risk. It also means to put yourself in the learning pit. I think if you have never done this before and you were doing it. You would really be putting yourself in the learning pit.

Writing Portfolio Post

Description: In writing we based what we wrote on a picture that we were given. We were given a picture of a cat in a cage and the bird sitting on top. We had to write a story telling about what we thought about it, including the five senses.

Evaluation: I think I really finished my writing to the best standard I could. I think I learned a lot about using descriptive words and paragraphs in my writing to hook the reader. I think I achieved my goal. I also used a new template to help plan my writing. I think that new plan helped me a lot and gave me options of what I was going to write about.

Great job Rosalind you have used lots of descriptive words to add lots of impact.  Next time I think that you could add a range of short and long sentences. Great job I love your writing! Hannah K:) 

The Learning: We have been learning to use descriptive words to hook the reader. I have also been learning to put paragraphs, so that it is easy to read. My Goal is to use a different plan to help create my writing and get the main points. I have used a mountain plan this time and it helped a lot because it helped me think more about what the problem was going to be and planning a beginning, middle and end. Beneath is my writing that is the finished piece. There is also a picture of the mountain plan.

Big idea:


Earlier outside the house, the tabby cat was smoking. The bird sat on the trampoline, planning his revenge. Not long ago the bird had jumped as something hit his side. A burn ran all through his body. He knew who had done it, straight away. It was time for payback. 

Swooping down came the bird, he was yelling " HELP, HELP "! Gian slippers came stomping and big hairy hands came and picked up the cat and shoved the cat in the cage.

Now the cat was in the cage with the bird perched proudly on top. The key was trapped in the birds beak. The cat's ears flattened  and his tail flicked sharply every second. There was a smell like a heater burning dust, and smoke was appearing around the corner of the wall. 

The bird screeched and dropped the key. It made a clanking noise as it hit the glass table. 
But there wa still a problem. The cat could not pick up the key to open the heavy metal padlock. BANG the kitchen door closed and the bird passed through the window with a wink.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Pae Tamariki Reflection Term 3 2015

Description: Pae Tamariki happened Term 3, Friday 31, July. It was a performance at the regent. It was an amazing experience. I think we did really well and that our performances were great. This performance was for celebrating Pae Tamariki. It was not a competition it was a way to share our songs.

Big Idea: 

At Pae Tamariki, I felt: pleased that I represented RSS because I think we performed a great performance.

I felt most pleased of: How we worked as a group to make the songs the best we could.

I found the first song challenging because: we had to sing really high to get the tone and tune right.

I managed this challenge by working together to sing it smoothly.

At Kapa Haka, I next want to: Stay in time with the other people and be confident on stage.

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think you did really well in your performance but you can work on your high notes. Katelyn:)

Monday, 31 August 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In my workshops with Elly I have been learning to Multiply and Divide to get the answers to questions I do not know. I have also been learning to use the box method.

Big Idea:

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think you did really good at keeping your boxes neat and using the strategy really well. I can't find any Feedfoward so just keep working on the strategy. #Tane

Evaluation: I think I have gotten better every workshop, at the box method that Elly has been teaching us. I think I am finally really good at the box method and that I will use it to work out hard division and multiplication to solve them. I think I am doing quite well in usual maths.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Passion Project 2015 Term 3

WALT use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in small groups

I am learning to: Design and make a place safe and awesome place with a group of 4 people.

Group: Emma, Olivia and Rileigh-Kaye.

Passion: I am going to design and make the Harekeke an awesome and safe place for kids at RSS. I think this could be one of the places many kids play at break.


Our group had 3 interviews with people to help us know a bit more about if it was a dry land or wet land place. It also helped us find out about the plants we could remove and the plants we could keep or put in. WE decided by the conversation that we had that the centre tree was dangerous and it was blocking all the light. So that will be a big job to maybe remove it. We have made a survey. So that we know what people want to use the place for. Examples: Quiet space, Play space ect. 

Evaluation: I think our group is going really well and we have made a plan that will be very successful. I think the turn out will be great and kids will love looking and being in the Harekeke.

Good Job Rosalind, I think your passion project is a great idea. I also have heard some of your group conversations and they sound great. I think that you could add a plan so that people know what you are going to do with the Harakeke. Hannah:)

Friday, 21 August 2015

Production Wearable Arts

Description: This term we have a Wearable Arts show at the Regent coming up. We do Wearble Arts making, every Friday. I have made a Mood Board that shows what it will look like. I have also made a plan and drawn my own design of what I am going to use and make it out of. My group is Elements and I will be doing water. I think instead of making some clothing that you might wear like a dress. I have made myself a rain drop instead of like a flowing dress. We have to up cycle the garment. So that it is made out of stuff that you might have at home. The production theme will be Life (Ora). I chose this group (elements) because I think that you could a really cool garment out of 4 choices that you have. Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. My inspiration is lots of other garments that I have seen on the web. I did not really want to do dress because I am not in to that thing. I think this was a really great idea.

Next I am going to sow or hot glue gun the two sides together to create a 3D shape.

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were: This fluffy stuff called melty fibre. For my rain shaker I used a glad wrap cardboard roll and paint. To stop the rice coming out the top I used lids and painted them to.

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was: Getting the measurements right for the rain drops size so it would'nt be to small or to big.
3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: I thought wider because no one else used melty fibre and I think I used the growth mindset by using something different.
4) Something I am really proud of about production was: Getting the measurements right.
5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by: I showed creativity by  making something creative. I think I was very creative because I made a 3D rain drop using fluffy material.